It's about time I did this

Well, it's been ages since I've updated so here's a few of my goings on!

1. My Florida Gators KICK ARSE!! Back to back NCAA champions in Basketball. Defending Champs in Football. All is good in Gator Nation!

2. I'm almost done with my first semester of teaching Taekwon-Do to college students. I've really enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

3. I played my 1st rec league game of the season for softball - my excuse to be outside.

4. Love our weather. Today it was 70 degrees and fabulous! Tomorrow it will be 30s with rain turning to snow. My lilac bush (which is blooming right now) is not going to be happy.

I hope you all are well - a BIG HUG to my flist!
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Demons of Stupidty

Sitting here with my mouth hanging open

I know that the world is a dark place, but I just don't expect this kind of stuff to happen where I live.

Gunman reportedly stalked mall before mass killing

Gunman kills 5 in Utah shopping mall

Night of terror at Trolley Square

Their stories: Bystanders shocked by killings

Employee, customer witnessed slaying

This happened tonight as I was getting ready to teach Taekwon-Do class. The campus I'm at is about 5 mins from where this shooting took place. I've spent a bit of time shopping, eating, clubbing and going to movies right in the area of the mall where the gunman went crazy. One of my regular lunching spots, with ridicu_liz, the Old Spaghetti Factory, is right there.

I'm really, really just at loss here.
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Demons of Stupidty

Rockstar update

Out of Dilana, Lukas and Storm, Supernova let.....



*looks up to the sky with both hands raised*

Why? WHY?

Why is Lukas still on this show?
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I *heart* Rockstar!

OK, I'm not usually one to go on about my TV watching, but today I felt compelled to.


I've been totally addicted to Rockstar for its two seasons. I was on the Marty bandwagon for the 1st season (and I STILL dislike JD fiercely - he's creepy - and not in a good way). Plus, it gives me a good chance to feed my Dave Navarro star crush.

Now, this season. I just got done watching the performances of the remaining 5 singers. Tonight was one cover song and one original song. Most performances were ROCKIN'!! Especially when Dave played on "Suffragette City" with Storm! *ROWR* I also just got done voting for 4 of the 5 remaining rockers. I had already NOT liked Lukas at all and tonight just cemented his "OOH ICK" factor for me. LOVE Dilana and Magni, and Storm and Toby just kicked arse tonight. I'm seriously OK on the finale of this one as long as it ISN'T Lukas. *cringes at the thought*

*goes back to my Dave N. drooling* :D
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Happy Mother's Day

Well, I'm not a Mom (unless you count the time I had my Kira around!) but today was just delightful.

My sister (and her hubby and 3 boys) took my Mom up to the Gray Cliff Lodge in Ogden Canyon. It's located in a historic home and we were able to eat out in the enclosed porch. The brunch there is fabulous and the scenery is beautiful - especially right now as the river is running from the snow run-off and everything is so green right now.

Then my mom and I went to see the National Tour of the musical Hairspray that played in Kingsbury Hall at the U of U. What a fun show we had a great time!

And much love to my bestest bud ridicu_liz - just because! :D

I hope the rest of you lot had a fabulous day, too!

And, on another pleasant note, the Utah Governor has selected the design for our state quarter coming out next year!! And he picked the one I wanted - the two trains meeting at Promontory Point when the transcontinental railroad was completed. The other two possibilities were a snowboarder (I didn't mind this one but I liked trains better) and a Beehive and a Sego Lily (our state symbol and flower that have roots in the Mormon pioneers that settled here - the beehive is on our flag and our highway patrols cars - I really figured that was plenty and again, liked the trains SO much better). So YAY!! :D
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